Home Theater Cabinet Design Dallas

We work very closely with one of the finest cabinet makers in the country to deliver unmatched Home Theater Cabinet Design in Dallas, TX. The cabinets that we design aren’t just meant to appeal to the eye but also to be functional.

TVs have change but most of our cabinetry hasn’t. We consider the size of the display but that’s just where it starts. You have to work in proper ventilation to keep the equipment cooled so that you can get the maximum life out of every piece. Storage is also important.

Below you will find a before shot of a cabinet that we were recently asked to rework. In this case we took this cabinet from an eyesore to a work of art. Contact us and we can help you transform your room.

Home Theater Cabinet Design Dallas

Before we went to work.

We did a quick artist rendering to get our ideas across.

Theater Cabinet Design Dallas

This helped us explain what we saw in that space.

You may notice the black grills at the bottom of the cabinet. Those are the sub-woofers.

Custom Wood Cinema Cabinet Design Dallas

This is a head on shot of the cabinet after it was finished

The other problem with this room was the off access viewing. So we made the TV pull out and swivel but the speakers had to come wit the TV. So the left, center and right speakers follow the TV no matter where the TV is pointed in this room.

Wood Cinema Cabinet Design Dallas

TV and speakers pulled out and turned for proper viewing.

We even outfitted the cabinet with RGB lights to highlight the upper cabinets. There are slide out cabinets on either side of the TV for Blu-rays and other media as well as drawers below the TV for additional storage.

Updating your cabinetry adds so much to the look and functionality of your room. We can provide a variety of automated cabinet systems. If you would like to have a TV rise out of a cabinet at the end of you bed, we can do that. But we have many other great ideas that we would like to discuss with you to hide your TV. We can even provide custom lift mechanisms to automate cabinetry that you may already own.

Let us help you from the design to the finished product. We can work with you directly or we can consult with  your designer or architect to get you a well thought our work of art.

Call us; we can help.

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