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Home Lighting Systems Dallas

Imagine pulling into your driveway after dark. You’re loaded down with suitcases. Your children are tired and cranky; and because you’ve been away on vacation, you stopped at the store briefly to buy a few groceries that are now jammed into your trunk. How are you going to manage to open the garage door, turn on the lights in the home and unload your car in the dark? It could be easy, if you have an integrated lighting control system. And it could be as simple as one touch. As you near your home, you can use your iPhone to activate your integration system to open your garage door, turn on the landscaping lights in the driveway, and turn on the lights in the garage, kitchen, and family room. Or whatever you prefer. You decide how to set up your “Home” scene.

Smart Home Automation in Dallas, Texas

We can design your system so the lights in your home respond to different lighting scenes. The typical scenes may be “Day Home”, “Night Home”, “Overnight Home”, “Away” and “Vacation”. There also are several specialty scenes that you can use for entertaining or cleaning crews.

When you enter a room in your home, a keypad may have three buttons, “On”, “Soft” and “Off”. If you want, you can manually control each room with these buttons. We also use occupancy and vacancy sensors to control your lighting if you would like to save energy. We can detect whether there  is someone in the room and if not, turn off the lights.


Litetouch conversions are our expertise. We have completed some of the largest Litetouch systems conversions that parts are no longer available to the latest technology Lutron system that can dim LED or any other types of lighting.

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