Motorized or Automated Electric Shades, Drapes & Blinds in Dallas, TX

Dallas TX Motorized Drapes

Think of motorized shades and drapes as natural lighting control.

We respond emotionally to natural light, we feel alive and have a greater sense of well being on a bright sunshiny day. Daylight reveals true color and allows us to see textures and other subtleties in our homes.

As we become more concerned about the footprints we leave behind we want to use less energy and take greater advantage of the natural light around us.

At the same time we want to use natural lighting to enhance our lives, we have to be aware that UV rays in sunlight can harm our furniture, artwork and even our floors. Making motorized shades even more valuable.

We can protect your home and take advantage of the light available from outside with the touch of a button. Or we can use a more sophisticated system that will include an astronomical clock that will allow your shades to follow the sun. By programming the motorized shades to come down as the sun moves to come through your window, you will protect the inside of your home from being bleached out by the sun.                                Dallas TX Motorized Shades But when the sun isn’t beaming directly through the window, we can have the shades open automatically to allow that glorious natural light in.

One of the latest innovations from our partners at Lutron, is the motorization of wooden venetian blinds. Imagine the blinds opening and closing automatically with no strings hanging down to endanger your pets or children. You can still have the great look of custom wooden blinds and still enjoy all of the benefits of outdoor light automatically.