Hidden Lighted Mirror TV Installation in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

A number of years ago we added a product category that may have seemed a little our of the ordinary for us. But as it has turned out it’s not odd at all.

Dallas Mirror TV's & Lighted MirrorsWe found a need for high quality mirrors with lighting that many of our clients didn’t know they needed until we brought it up. The question first came up when a client asked what could we do to give her lighting in her bathroom that she could do her make up without melting. But as we soon discovered the heat was only one part of the problem. The main problem was that the light in most bathrooms comes from above. That causes shadowing on your face. Whether you are shaving on putting on makeup the issue is the same. Lighting needs to come from the mirror in order to get the appropriate lighting where it needs to be.

Dallas Mirror TV's & Lighted Mirrors InstallersThere is another common problem in bathrooms and that is, where to put the  TV? Behind the mirror is one of the best places to put the TV. You are already looking in that direction every morning and if you decide to listen to the news, why not watch it without having to spin around every time something sound interesting?

Mirror TVs are also perfect for more formal spaces where you would like to have a TV but you don’t want the big black eye looking at you all of the time.

We solve these problem for our clients and  we have chosen the best quality products in the business to do so.

Call us and we can stop by to see how a mirror can light up your life.

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