Home Networking & AV Installation Services in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

The question of whether to choose a wired or a wireless network is still a pretty simple question. The answer depends on how you intend to use the network. If you have a wireless laptop or other mobile devices that you take back and forth between home and work, then a wireless connection is a must. But if you want to keep your computer files private, or want to watch high definition television and listen to a house-wide music system, then a wired network and its underlying structured wiring will add speed and security.

Combining wired and wireless could provide the best of both worlds. You could use a wired network for your personal computers in your home, and use a wireless laptop for convenience.

So many of today’s devices such as phones,tablets and gaming devices require a robust network to operate properly. Everything in your home is going to use more and more bandwidth. You will need to make sure that your network is ready. Your security system, cameras, even your kitchen appliances will be networked if they are not already. This trend will only continue and a properly designed network is a must.  

We use business class equipment that will deliver the bandwidth and reliability you must have.

We have everything from simple to industrial strength networking solutions.  

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