Cell Phone Repeater Systems or Cell Phone Signal Boosters in Dallas, TX

Have you dropped calls from your cell phone in your own home?

Are you having trouble connecting your other mobile devices to your cellular network?

We have the answer.

We are certified by the best manufacturer in the cell phone signal repeating business.

Cell Phone Repeater Systems

We have noticed that the more energy efficient our homes become the more trouble we have receiving cell phone reception in them. It makes sense if you think about it. We are putting in foil backed insulation and other new age materials into our homes to try and reflect the heat but they are also killing our cell phone communications.

The answer is a repeater system. An antenna about the size of an average 12” ruler isCell Phone Signal Boosters in Dallas, TX placed outside where the signal is the strongest. A wire is run to some equipment in your home that allows your cell phone to send and receive signal where you had little to no signal before.

We have tried the equipment that others use and we have decided that isn’t what our customer demand. Our customers expect it to just work, no excuses. So we have chosen equipment from the company that has the technology that we know works.

We can give you coverage in an area from approximately 2000 square feet to as large an area as you would like to cover. We also have patio solutions as well.

Give us a call; we’ll take care of you.

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